Rivertown String Band
Traditional Acoustic Folk Music 
Omaha, Nebraska

Jim Kathy Mindy and Jenni Rivertown String Band Omaha NE
Available for:

    Private Parties           Weddings               Anniversaries
    Barn Dances              Reunions               Funerals 
    Schools                      Festivals                Senior Residences
    Libraries                     Club functions       Historical Music Education 
    Holiday & Themed Activities                    Family Celebrations

Program Offerings

The Rivertown String Band provides traditional acoustic folk.  Inspired by diverse musical styles, we play a wide selection of old and new tunes, including 18th century Irish harp melodies, old-time string band music, Civil War era songs, tunes from Colonial times, songs from Pioneer days, European folk melodies, traditional tunes of America and the British Isles, and children's songs.  At any given event or performance, the music may be performed on hammered dulcimer, guitar, fiddle, bass, autoharp, mandolin and various folk rhythm instruments.

Contact:  Kathy Wood (402) 397-4673 khwood@cox.net